27 Jan 2021

Case Study

A case study from one of the clients we have recently supported, from the beginning of her journey to today...

Brief Summary

Better Lives referred FJ due to financial difficulties and potentially facing eviction from due to her rent arrears.

FJ’s husband had died a few months earlier and she had gotten herself into a mess financially. She had no support. She called into the Better Lives shop and they sign posted her to Calderdale SmartMove.

Main Areas of Support Needed

Maximising FJ’s benefits, as she had no money for food and she was relying on food parcels.

Applying for a discretionary housing payment (DHP) for the rent shortfall.

Liaising with Together Housing to avoid FJ being evicted.

Referral to Noah’s Ark for debt support.

Apply for personal independence payments (PIP).

Apply for sick element of Universal Credit.

Bereavement support

Supporting her son to claim carers allowance for looking after his mum.


Main Areas of Support Delivered

 Liaised with Together Housing regarding rent arrears and threat of eviction.

Applied for a DHP for the bedroom tax.

Arranged Noah’s Ark to support FJ with a DRO (Debt Relief Order) to clear all her debts.

I also applied for PIP and the sick element of universal credit. Once these were awarded, it increased FJ’s income and we were able to set payment plans up for all her household bills.

I supported FJ with getting some bereavement counselling.

I supported FJ’s son to claim universal credit and carers allowance so he could care for his mum.



FJ is now financially stable she is managing to pay all the household bills, and can afford to go food shopping.

All her and her husband’s debts were cleared meaning a lot of stress and worry was lifted from FJ. She could sleep at night again.

Her tenancy is safe. This meant a lot to FJ as she had lived in the same house for 18 years and had raised her family there so she really could not cope with the fact she might have had to leave.

Now she has her son caring for her she is managing around the house a lot better.

When I first meant FJ she was extremely scared and anxious about everything that was going on but now she is more relaxed and isn’t worrying. This has meant she has had time to focus on herself and losing her husband. FJ is extremely grateful for the support SmartMove has provided, if we hadn’t supported her then FJ would most likely have been evicted and would have still been struggling to make ends meet. 

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