4 Sep 2019

Interview with our CEO

'I am so proud of our achievements'

Stuart Rumney, CEO of Calderdale SmartMove, tells us a bit about his role.

"I've worked for SmartMove for 10 years this month (with a 5 month gap in between when I tried to retire but couldn't stay away!) Getting into this job was a complete fluke. After working for Lloyds Banking Group for many years, I'd actually gone for another role in finance, but then by chance I saw this position advertised and thought it would be something different, a new challenge. I could do right by people instead of just being focussed on making money, I could give back to those who need it. 

My favourite part of the job is listening to the support workers every day, how they've supported vulnerable people, listened to their stories and ultimately changed lives. I'm so proud of our achievements.

The worst part, for me, is tendering for contracts and writing bids. It takes so much time and is such a lot of work when I know we have incredible client outcomes. It's not a bad part of the job, it's just a lot of work and time which could be spent elsewhere when I know we are doing incredibly well. 

I'm most proud of our success rate. 96% is an incredibly high percentage of clients who maintain their tenancies after our support is completed. The Calderdale community is a better place to live because of the work that we do. We are able to offer our clients better opportunities to live happy and fulfilled lives and to me that's completely priceless". 

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