Future Intentions

Here at Smartmove we are determined to continue to assist disadvantaged people across the Calderdale area for years to come. To do so, we have to pull the whole community together. With such severe funding cuts we cannot solely rely on council funding and we therefore need to enhance our engagement with the wider community.

We will therefore work with our partners, including our local schools and churches. We also need to venture with the corporate world. More and more companies are now looking at their social responsibilities to the communities in which their business operates and we want to engage with their businesses to promote donations, sponsorships and volunteering to name but a few.

SmartMove has established links with Adult Learning networks Calderdale-wide and will continue to pursue funding opportunities in this area, following the ongoing success of the SmartSkills accredited learning service.

During these difficult economic times we will strive to find new funding streams to meet the high demand for our service. We see the promotion on Local Giving (http://localgiving.com/charity/calderdalesmartmove) as an avenue to secure additional funding as donations can either be matched or at the very least increased by 25%.

Any reader who feels they could help in any way please do not hesitate to contact us.

Finally we have served the community for the last 15 years and we intend to serve you for many more to come.